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At Bucks and Gems, we give a whole new meaning to collectors currencies. We are distributors of BITCOINS, Crypto coins, collectible coins, bullion medals, coins & bars, diamonds, gemstones, gold, silver, jewelry, watches and gold investments. All legal tender coins are tax-free and therefore the best way to invest. The company was created in January 2010 and has constantly been building its reserves. We build rare coin collections that will achieve high financial growth and long-term investment portfolios. From past to present and beyond, gold and silver will always be the best long-term investment. 

Investment coins are independently graded and authenticated. We have all our grades done by the most professional 3rd party graders like NGC, PMG, SANGS & PCGS. When we grade a coin it is placed into an airtight capsule with specific barcodes and grade displayed in accordance with the quality or flaws in the coin. It also tells us if the coin is proof (pf), ms (mint state) or almost un-circulated (au). This helps us to determine the condition of the coin. 

We deal in rare Mandela coins, ZAR coins, South African coins, Mandela R5 coins, Bitcoins and most profitable Crypto coins. The features and quality of a coin determine the demand for the particular coin. High demand results in rarity which determines value. Studies have shown that the rare collectible coins are one of the most stable investments. The Mandela coins have shown excellent financial performance in short periods of time. Not only are these Mandela coins a sought-after collector's item, but a great tax-free investment. These are investments set in stone.

Two of the fastest appreciating coins available in the market at the moment is the Nelson Mandela 100th anniversary R5 coin & Silver Krugerrands.

Nelson Mandela is ranked first in a perception index of the worlds most visible leaders and public personalities in politics, business, culture and sport. He is one of the greatest moral and political leaders of our time. He is an international hero as well as the son of South Africa. Invest in these coins and own a piece of history.

The new website features include most popular Cryptocurrency trading platforms, like Bitcoin, Ripple, Eutherium, Rebellious, Litecoin and more that will be launched soon. For now, we trading Bitcoins, buying and selling from as little as 100 ZAR. Bitcoins can be purchased and sold in fractions, therefore making it easier to buy bitcoin, purchase as much as you want, you control your spend. The important thing is, we are willing to buy your Bitcoin at any given time, at prices linked to the World Rate, of Bitcoin pricing. Making it a more sustainable investment, there is not enough for all of us.

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